Happy Labor Day

Thanks for Your Hard Work

Sending Labor Day thanks to all of our employees for your hard work and dedication throughout the year. We greatly appreciate your committed team efforts to preserve our environment.

Hallaton Attends WASTECON 2018

Hallaton representatives Courtney McGee and Mike Joslin attended WASTECON 2018, which was held in Nashville, TN from August 20–23, 2018. This annual conference provided wonderful opportunities for networking and learning the latest in the industry.

Check out the WASTECON 2018 highlight reel:

Hallaton Installs Gas Collection System and Geosynthetic Liner System at Loyola Field

From Landfill to Athletic Field

In 2012, Loyola University Maryland clinched the NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse National Championship. The triumphant team brought the winning medal back to their home field—Ridley Athletic Complex in Baltimore. Less than a decade earlier, however, that athletic field was hosting a different kind of metal—scrap metal, from a landfill.

The athletic complex is partially situated on top of a former municipal solid waste landfill, but the location is perfect. It is conveniently located near Loyola’s campus and I-83, but there have been challenges with the field.

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Hallaton Installs Liner System at Maryland Landfill

Throughout our past 25 years of business, we have enjoyed working at this Maryland landfill on several occasions.

This publicly-owned municipal solid waste landfill, which accepts residential and commercial curbside trash, is the lone landfill in the area. The landfill is situated on 375 acres, of which 195 acres are utilized for solid waste placement. Subcells and phases are constructed over the course of time while the landfill is operational.
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Hallaton Installs Temporary Cofferdam Lining at Baltimore’s Druid Hill Reservoir

Hallaton is proud to have installed a temporary cofferdam lining at the iconic Baltimore location of Druid Hill Park in June 2018.

Keeping Baltimore’s Drinking Water Safe

Druid Hill has a fresh water reservoir that supplies Baltimore City and the surrounding counties with drinking water. The city is in the midst of a 5-year, $160 million dollar project to modify the Druid Hill Reservoir.

Currently, Druid Hill Reservoir is an exposed water storage system. As a result of new governmental drinking water regulations to keep the drinking water protected from potential contaminants, the city plans to install two large underground tanks. This will also allow the city to treat the water more efficiently.

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Hallaton Office Flooded

The rains came down…they kept coming…and our office flooded—with 3 feet of water.

Our office is located in Sparks, Maryland, right next to the Gunpowder Falls State Park. Heavy rain fell steadily over several days, and it caused the water level in the Gunpowder Falls to rise more than 15 feet higher than usual. On Wednesday, July 25th, our office flooded in a matter of minutes. Continue reading

Hallaton Attends National Waste & Recycling Association 2018 MD Chapter Crab Feast

Protecting the Bay and enjoying steamed crabs—it’s the Maryland thing to do.

As an environmental lining company based in Sparks, Maryland, we are proud to help protect the Chesapeake Bay—and pleased to eat the local crabs that come from those very waters.

As a member of the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA), our team attended their annual Maryland Chapter Crab Feast on Wednesday, July 18, 2018. This event at Harris Crab House in Grasonville, MD, provided a delicious meet-and-greet opportunity. Continue reading

Keeping America Beautiful

Happy July 4th from Hallaton!

As we celebrate America’s Independence Day, we also celebrate the fruited plains and shining seas that make our nation beautiful.

Hallaton takes pride in our role to preserve our country’s land and environment. By installing environmental liners, Hallaton protects the nation’s water and soil. Whether we are lining reservoirs or landfills, our work prevents hazardous materials from contaminating the environment. We are honored to protect what is great about our country, to keep it beautiful for America’s generations to come.

Hallaton Installs Geosynthetics for Savannah Reservoir

Hallaton Environmental Linings of Sparks, MD, was contracted by Thalle Construction Company of Hillborough, NC, to provide and install the geosynthetics for a reservoir in Savannah, GA. This impoundment stores 100-million gallons of drinking water.

Geomembrane, Geocomposite, and Sand Tube Ballasting System

For this US Army Corps of Engineers project, Hallaton installed approximately 18 acres of 60 mil HDPE geomembrane and geocomposite. Additionally, approximately 10,000 LF of a 60 mil HDPE sand tube ballasting system was installed as part of the completed geosynthetic system. Hallaton fought through some less than ideal weather conditions to deliver this project on time and within budget. Continue reading

Hallaton Attends Environmental Show of the South 2018

Hallaton Environmental Linings attended the 47th annual Environmental Show of the South, held May 16–18, 2018, in Chattanooga, TN.

High-Quality Training

As a leader in environmental business, Hallaton is committed to staying up-to-date on industry trends and developments. Environmental Show of the South provided an opportunity for high-quality training, since it is the largest and most comprehensive environmental conference and tradeshow in the region. The planners for this year’s event expected over 1200 attendees and at least 165 exhibitors. Continue reading