EPA Denies Several CCR Disposal Extensions

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CCR Disposal Ruling

Since the Coal Combustion Residuals Disposal Rule was filed in 2015 to address the public health and safety risks of improper coal ash disposal, coal-fired power plants have been under tremendous scrutiny to prove their compliance with current regulations or demonstrate immediate plans to become so. The ruling requires composite liner systems to contain CCR waste, better monitoring of groundwater, structural stability requirements, and proper closure and post-closure safety measures.

Facilities were given until April 2021 to either make the necessary changes or close their operations. As part of the ruling, CCR facility operators were granted the right to petition the EPA for an extension to the 2021 deadline if they could demonstrate that either a) they could not secure a disposal alternative by that date, or b) they had a plan to soon shut down their coal-burning boilers permanently.

The EPA recently began responding to the extension requests, denying eight of the submissions and granting a temporary extension for one operator through November 2022, with plans to announce the remaining determinations as quickly as possible. (For more information about the recent rulings on CCR Rule extensions, check out this recent article from the American Public Power Association.)

Geosynthetic Lining Installation for Coal Ash Disposal

While big energy and coal-fired plants remain under pressure to meet these mandates, geosynthetic lining systems continue to provide the safest and most affordable containment solution to address the concerns.

With nearly 28 years of liner installation experience, Hallaton Environmental Linings is proud to be a reputable member of the geosynthetics industry, with more than 60 CCR projects completed and several others in progress.

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