Ornamental Ponds


  • Golf Courses
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Office Buildings
  • Parks & Resorts
  • Fountains

Ornamental ponds and fountains can bring nature and beauty into a variety of settings, including golf courses, residential landscaping, parks, recreational facilities, farms, office buildings and more. The impermeable geosynthetic linings used today add strength and durability to water containment and are far superior to clay pond liners. Geomembranes offer superior leak protection, are virtually maintenance-free, and can withstand the harshest environments.

The geomembrane pond liner is typically installed in association with two layers of geotexile—a non-woven fabric placed above and below the geomembrane—to protect the liner system from being punctured by sharp particles in the subgrade.

Additionally, geosynthetics have a wide variety of uses in the golfing industry. Geomembrane liners have been used on golf courses in areas such as irrigation and drainage ditches, as well as ponds throughout the course. Ponds are an important feature on a golf course, offering aesthetic value and golf hazards for the course. A geosynthetic liner system can help ensure the proper containment of water, without losing volume from seepage into the ground.

After liner materials are installed and seams are tested for leaks, the pond is filled with water and the liner becomes invisible to the eye. Allow Hallaton’s highly trained management, field superintendents, and crews to provide this service for you and ensure that a quality job has been completed.

Contact the geosynthetic lining experts at Hallaton today to discuss your next pond project.

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