Ballast System for Rain Covers and Temporary Caps

Hallaton Environmental Linings of Sparks, Maryland, offers a full line of landfill rain covers and temporary cap systems. Included as part of these rain covers and temporary caps is a ballast system. The ballast system protects the geosynthetics that are installed below the ballast system.

Extended Protection

The protections provided by the ballast system include extended UV protection and prevention of wind damage to the rain cover and temporary caps. The ballasting system products offered by Hallaton include Anchor Down, distributed by Elite Erosion Services, and Wind Defender. Each of these products is a reinforced geotextile windscreen made of knitted, green, UV stabilized HDPE filament.

Better Than Traditional Ballast System

These ballasting systems can be used in lieu of the more traditional sand bag and roping ballasting system, which is usually constructed on a specific grid system to help prevent uplift of the underlying geosynthetics. The Anchor Down type ballasting system requires less maintenance and extends the life of the geosynthetics that lie below the ballasting system.

Anchor Down and Wind Defender

Hallaton has installed the Anchor Down and Wind Defender ballasting systems at numerous landfill projects that required the installation of rain covers and temporary caps. These pictures are examples of the newly installed ballasting systems. For more information contact us at 410-583-7700.