Introducing – MEGA-Drain™ by Hallaton

MEGA-Drain™ – the “Moisture Eliminating Gravity Apparatus!”

We are excited to announce the launch of MEGA-Drain™ by Hallaton!  Bringing our 30 years of geosynthetic installation experience, we have partnered with MEGA-Drain Corporation to offer their press-less, dry-stack tailings and water management system to our home in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and beyond as your exclusive East Coast installation experts.

MEGA-Drain™ is the first “smart” drainage solution optimally engineered to dry stockpiled ore, recover decant, hold, and treat decant, and allow for dry-stacked tailings management without mechanical filter presses. Its multi-layered design leverages airflow, negative air pressure, and gravity to enable passive drainage, storing water underground in a non-reactive vault. With reduced costs, complexity, waste, and footprint requirements compared to traditional decanting methods, we believe the MEGA-Drain™ system will be the mining industry’s “best practice,” and we are honored to play a role in the bright future of responsible mining material processing, and stockpiling.


  • Tailings stream of Underflow / Overflow from cyclone discharge – recover water at the end stage of processing
  • Production stockpiles from Radial Stackers / Cyclones / Trippers / Tunnels & Reclaimers
  • Water Storage–lined impoundments with floating covers lasting 30 years!

Why MEGA-Drain™ ?

The MEGA-Drain™ system is scalable, modular, simply installed, and rapidly constructed. It reduces a project’s total requirements for water, does not require filter presses or the facilities to house them, and removes more moisture faster than filter-press-based solutions.

  • Reduce stockpiled material moisture contents sub 5% to low single digits rapidly.
  • Eliminate material rehandling.
  • Reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint.
  • Reduce plant upset conditions with consistent low moisture feed stock.
  • Reduce OPEX with discernable and accurate CAPEX for asset.
  • Increase production 20 -35%.
  • Increase EBITDA with measurable ROI.
  • Increase plant/production options by increasing water reserves.
  • Increase market capitalization.

Give us a call to learn how MEGA-Drain™ can help you turn water from a LIABILITY into an ASSET!