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Wastewater Lagoon Upgrade

Completion shot of an 11-acre wastewater lagoon upgrade recently completed by Hallaton. The multi-layer containment system includes geocomposite, 60 and 40 mil miscrospike geomembrane, non-woven geotextile, GCL and a wind ballast system for protection.
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Kpone Landfill in Ghana Nears Completion

The Kpone Landfill Closure project in Ghana is getting closer to completion. Hallaton is thrilled to have participated as an installation partner on this project, helping train the Ghana-based crew from Landfill Technologies on ClosureTurf installation. Check out these quick clips from the recent Ghana trip showing the first panels going down. Continue reading

President of Ghana Visits Kpone Landfill

As a training and installation partner, Hallaton is thrilled to be part of this exciting closure project at Kpone Landfill in Ghana. Warranting a visit by the President of Ghana himself last week, this is the first of several important landfill cleanup and development projects for the country. Great job to everyone involved!

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The Grass Is Greener in Ghana

Decommissioning & Re-engineering Kpone Landfill

For over a decade, the Kpone Landfill located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana has been a significant concern for the government, businesses and residents surrounding it. Today, the 38-acre landfill is in the process of receiving a complete makeover, turning what was once an eyesore into a place of beauty and enjoyment for years to come. Continue reading

Hallaton Installs New Bituminous Liner at Bel Air Water Impoundment

The town of Bel Air in Harford County, Maryland, is a growing Baltimore suburb. As the population has increased, so has the need for more drinking water.

Hallaton is pleased to be part of the environmentally-sound, long-term solution to increase the potable water capacity for Bel Air residents. In order to provide a 100-day supply in case of a drought or emergency, Maryland American Water Company has constructed a new 13-acre, 90-million-gallon capacity water impoundment. The impoundment was constructed in 2018 and went into full service in 2019. Continue reading

Hallaton Installs Gas Collection System and Geosynthetic Liner System at Loyola Field

Loyola Field

From Landfill to Athletic Field

In 2012, Loyola University Maryland clinched the NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse National Championship. The triumphant team brought the winning medal back to their home field—Ridley Athletic Complex in Baltimore. Less than a decade earlier, however, that athletic field was hosting a different kind of metal—scrap metal, from a landfill. Continue reading

Hallaton Installs Liner System at Maryland Landfill

Aerial view of Millersville solid waste landfill

Throughout our past 25 years of business, we have enjoyed working at this Maryland landfill on several occasions.

This publicly-owned municipal solid waste landfill, which accepts residential and commercial curbside trash, is the lone landfill in the area. The landfill is situated on 375 acres, of which 195 acres are utilized for solid waste placement. Subcells and phases are constructed over the course of time while the landfill is operational.
Continue reading

Hallaton Installs Temporary Cofferdam Lining at Baltimore’s Druid Hill Reservoir

Side view of XR3 reinforced geomembrane deployment across intersectional coffer dam at Druid Hill Park

Hallaton is proud to have installed a temporary cofferdam lining at the iconic Baltimore location of Druid Hill Park in June 2018.

Keeping Baltimore’s Drinking Water Safe

Druid Hill has a fresh water reservoir that supplies Baltimore City and the surrounding counties with drinking water. The city is in the midst of a 5-year, $160 million dollar project to modify the Druid Hill Reservoir. Continue reading