Water Storage


  • Potable Water Storage
  • Reservoir Liners
  • Floating Covers
  • Slope Lining
  • Seepage Control

Fresh, clean water is something that we often take for granted. But it is an absolute necessity for human survival. Today, water conservation is at the top of the environmental agenda, with reservoirs serving as a primary means for addressing these needs. To protect against public health concerns such as contamination and drought, geomembrane liners are frequently used to protect our potable water supply.

Selection of the proper liner system is crucial, and there are many types of geomembranes that are designed to address specific needs. Whether the need is for floating covers, water storage or slope lining, it is essential to have the right impervious liner in the reservoir design and construction. With expertise and experience, Hallaton is the right company to call for advice on the best liner for your application.

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Project Profiles

Bel Air Water Impoundment

Druid Hill Reservoir

Druid Hill Reservoir

Newark Reservoir

Savannah Reservoir

Savannah Reservoir

Greensville County Reservoir


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