Project Profile

Loyola University

OWNER Loyola University
SIZE 2 acres
LOCATION Baltimore City, MD
DESIGN/MATERIALS Gas Collection & Liner System Replacements
16 oz Geotextile
40 Mil LLDPE Textured Geomembrane
Double-sided Geocomposite
4”, 6” & 14” HDPE Piping


Condensed Construction Schedule

Local and National Regulations

Stringent Safety Concerns

Extreme Weather Conditions


Loyola University’s Ridley Sports Complex is utilized by Division I student athletes. The complex is partially situated on a former municipal solid waste landfill. On a continual basis, landfill gases are being generated from the decomposition of the existing solid waste. The decomposition of solid waste created differential settlement of the underlying subgrade under portions of the athletic field. An upgrade to the existing landfill gas system, replacement of existing geosynthetic materials, and the replacement of the existing sports turf athletic field were required to be installed in a two-month timeframe.


Hallaton Environmental Linings was contracted to provide and install an upgraded landfill gas collection system and new geosynthetic liner system. The landfill gas collection system consisted of a network of 6” HDPE pipe collection laterals, a 14” HDPE collection header, and a 4” HDPE pipe condensate collection system. Effectively managing and collecting the landfill gases will help minimize future field settlement related issues. The newly installed geosynthetics liner system underlying the athletic field consisted of a 16 oz geotextile, 40 Mil LLDPE geomembrane liner, and a double-sided geocomposite. Hallaton successfully installed the upgraded gas collection system and geosynthetic liner system within the condensed construction schedule and in advance of the fall 2018 sports season for Loyola University.

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