Project Profile

Maryland Landfill

OWNER Maryland Government
SIZE Phase 11 is 15 acres of the landfill's 195 acres
DESIGN/MATERIALS 16 oz Geotextile
60 Mil HDPE Liner


Condensed Construction Schedule

Local and National Regulations

Stringent Safety Concerns

Extreme Weather Conditions


This publicly-owned municipal solid waste landfill, which accepts residential and commercial curbside trash, is the lone landfill in the area. The landfill is situated on 375 acres, of which 195 acres are utilized for solid waste placement. Subcells and phases are constructed over the course of time while the landfill is operational.


Hallaton Environmental Linings was contracted to provide and install a multi-layer liner system within Phase 11, after successful completion of Phase 9 in prior years. The liner system consisted of GCL and 60 mil HDPE liner. A geotextile cushion fabric was installed on top of the 60 Mil HDPE geomembrane to protect it from punctures, followed by the installation of a 12” thick leachate collection aggregate. This allows the leachate to be collected and treated at a nearby waste water treatment facility, thus protecting the nearby Chesapeake Bay.

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