Water Treatment


  • Waste Water Lagoons
  • Tank Lining/Testing
  • Secondary Containment
  • Storm Water Containment
  • Reservoir Liners
  • Aeration Lagoons
  • Settling Basin and Ponds
  • Recirculation Pond
  • Digester Lagoons and Covers
  • Floating Covers

New regulations require that industrial and municipal waste water treatment facilities have a lining system to contain contaminants and prevent the pollution of streams and groundwater. Hallaton has extensive experience in the installation of various liner materials in large volume containment lagoons, as well as smaller detailed applications such as sludge drying beds.

Whether your containment needs are for potable water, agricultural supply or sewage water treatment, water treatment plants rely on geomembranes to meet these needs. Hallaton’s expertise in geosynthetic liners and our global installation experience make us a number one choice for any water treatment need.

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Pearce Creek

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