• HDPE (smooth & textured)
  • LLDPE (smooth & textured)
  • XR-5
  • HDPE Pipe
  • Hypalon
  • Polypropylene / RPP
  • PVC
  • EPDM

Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL)

  • GCL – Geomembrane Supported
  • GCL – Fabric Encased

Other Products

  • Geonets
  • Geocomposites
  • Geotextiles
  • Geogrid
  • Geocells
  • Spray on Membranes / Polyurea
  • Concrete Revetment Mats
  • Specialty Materials
  • Drainage Board


Hallaton has enjoyed doing more than 20 years of business with its manufacturing partners which represent some of the top companies in the industry. Our good credit terms and preferred vendor status make Hallaton, Inc. a valued partner that can offered competitive pricing at bid time and the experience and expertise with the installation of geosynthetic lining systems to get the job done right.

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