Solid Waste


  • Landfill New Cells and Closure Systems
  • Secondary Containment
  • Leachate Management Systems
  • Gas Control Systems
  • Rain Covers
  • Ballasting Systems

Solid waste landfills are highly engineered containment systems that receive specific kinds of waste—including municipal solid waste (refuse, trash, garbage), construction debris and hazardous waste. They are designed to minimize the impact this waste has on the environment and human health.

Within a landfill, geomembrane linings are used to create a barrier between the waste that’s dumped in the landfill and the ground below it. The primary purpose is to isolate the landfill’s waste components from the environment to ensure protection of the soil and groundwater. When a new landfill cell is constructed, geomembrane liner and other geosynthetic materials are seamed together to ensure that leachate is channeled properly through the landfill to a collection point, rather than allowing leakage into the ground.

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Project Profiles

landfill liner system

Maryland Landfill

Pearce Creek

Millersville Landfill

Millersville Landfill

Kpone Landfill

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