Rain Covers

Collecting unwanted rain water in your landfill’s leachate collection system or fighting soil erosion can be very costly.  The solution is an affordable light-weight material that can shed water away for your collection system and protect your site.  Hallaton installs a wide range of rain cover and temporary cover materials to meet the individual needs of our client and project requirements.  Whether you’re looking for a temporary cover to help control rain water or looking for a long-term exposed cap over your existing landfill, we can provide you with a cost effective solution specially designed to meet sites’ demands.

Rain cover panels are constructed of light-weight scrim reinforced polyethylene sheeting fabricated into large field panels, designed to reduce field seaming and increase the speed of installation.  As the panels are installed, a ballast system of evenly spaced sandbags (or tires) is used to securely anchor the material for defense against even the strongest storms.

All standard rain cover installations come with Hallaton’s 1 year workmanship warranty and the manufacturer’s 5 year pro-rata material warranty.

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