Solid Waste Landfills

Landfill liners are designed and constructed to create a barrier between the waste that is dumped in the landfill and the ground below it. When a new landfill disposal area is constructed, referred to as a landfill cell, the geomembrane liner and other geosynthetic products are installed. Once these materials are placed, they are then seamed together and tested to verify that the seams do not contain leaks or weak points. These liner materials ensure that leachate is channeled properly through the landfill to a collection point rather than allowing leakage into the ground where it can become a hazard to groundwater and the surrounding environment.

Solid waste landfills are highly engineered containment systems that are designed to minimize the impact that waste (refuse, trash, and garbage) can do to the environment and human health. The geomembrane liner’s primary purpose is to isolate the landfill’s components from the environment and to ensure protection of the soil and groundwater.

Hallaton specializes in the sales and installation of the full spectrum of liner systems to meet the needs of its landfill customers. When considering a liner installer for a landfill, do the research and you’ll discover that Hallaton Inc. has an impressive track record for getting the job done with high quality and high efficiency.

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