Secondary Containment

While new geosynthetic lining technology often offer a low-cost more effective solution to storage tanks, there are still some applications such as with petroleum, medical waste, and specific industrial waste in which only a storage tank will do. Hallaton is experienced with storage tank installation, piping, leak detection/repair and removal and remediation.

In addition, secondary containment in often necessary with storage tanks and consists of a liner system that surrounds a primary containment system, such as a steel tank. Since tanks often contain hazardous materials such as fuel or chemicals that can be very damaging to the environment as the result of a primary containment failure, secondary containment is an absolute necessity. This is typically accomplished with a lined area with dike walls surrounding an above ground storage tank. If the tank were to fail and leak, the surrounding secondary containment area is designed to have to contain the entire spill volume and confine it until clean up can be performed.

Hallaton is your quality installer when it comes to secondary containment and is able to fabricate and place liner in even the most hard to reach areas of a job. Give us the chance to demonstrate our expertise in this field.

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